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After Sales – Transportation Services

All the products of the Cooperative are branded and certified by the suppliers-manufacturers in accordance with the applicable European directives, both for the quality of the materials and for their production processes.

All products are accompanied by a guarantee of quality and good operation which ranges from 1 to 6 years, always with the necessary condition of the installation of materials by a licensed and certified installer-thermohydraulic.

Therefore, all the procedures for the replacement of any deficient products are provided by the after sales procedures of the Cooperative, always with the aim of full service and customer satisfaction. Having enthusiastic customers is the best advertisement for us. The presence of the Cooperative for 40 years in the market of Larissa and the wider region of Thessaly, comes to confirm the consistency of “words and deeds”.


The Cooperative, having the appropriate means of transport, is able to serve both its retail customers and its professional partners (plumbers, engineers, technical companies, contractors, etc.), transporting products and materials to their place. This service is offered completely free of charge for deliveries within the city of Larissa but also within the boundaries of the Prefecture. By agreement, the delivery can be made anywhere in Greece.


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